Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Kylie Jenner Lip on a Budget!

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Last week I decided to post this photo on Twitter of a Kylie Jenner Lip I recreated when I was going out to visit friends. That is what prompted me to write this little post. Kylie Jenners Lip have been taking over the Media (both social and mainstream). Everyone seems have an obsession with that pout... To be honest I cant say I havent got a bit caught up myself.

The Beauty world has been trying to recrate her lipstick looks for months now and trying to find which colours she is using and I myself have decided to have a go. Now I absoutely adore MAC as a brand in general but I decided to try this lip on a budget. What do you think??    

The Lip I was recreating was the matt brown / dark nude, not the Red / Berry one (which I also love).

This Lip was recreated with Lipstick - Oh So Matt and the Lip liner - both from  Essence Cosmetics

Essence Long Lasting Lipstick - 15 Oh So Matt

Essence Lipliner - 06 Satin Mauve 


Love the Kylie Jenner look!
Will definitely be trying the red / berry look soon!! 

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